Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today's Flowers - Brazilian Cherry

The first flowers I saw today were the delicate white flowers of my Brazilian Cherry - Eugenia Uniflora.

The tree, a native of tropical South America, is a very pretty tree with its dark green mature  foliage and bronze new leaves.   

The little red fruit, shaped like tiny pumpkins, follow quickly after the flowers. They are very rich in vitamin C and only take about three weeks to reach maturity.    I love them fresh off the tree and graze on them as I pass by on my way out my back gate to the barnyard but jellies and juices can also be made from the fruit.  

The birds love the fruit as well so I hope I'm not breeding a future weed problem.

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  1. This is so gorgeous. It's a new plant for me, but I'm impressed with those striking flowers. Love your mosaic at the end of the post!

  2. Your cherry blossoms are very nice, as well as the mosaic! Never seen fruit like that here, I'll bet they do taste good!

  3. oh yes, we call this fruit bearing tree "macopa". it blooms here during summer. great shots.

    Today's Flowers

  4. Gorgeous blooms, I am now your follower Ms. Margaret!

    My flower, have a blessed Sunday!

  5. The cherries must be tasting yummy too. Lovely shots.

  6. I have a tree like this on my garden.
    Here in Brazil we call Pitanga.

  7. A lovely evergreen tree with a great bonus of flowers and fruit. I am of the grazing and browsing breed too.

  8. Those are pretty blooms. Great shots.

  9. I have a tree like this in my yard. I think. fruit starts green turns orange then red?? it does look like a mini pumpkin. would this be one of them??

    1. Yes Carol that does seem to be the same plant. The description of a mini pumpkin is very apt.

  10. I have one planted in a pot in Singapore left behind by the ex-owner. Been with me for 3 years and I have picked 2 ripen fruits so far.